Ways to Help

Here are some of the many ways you can assist Cars 4 Change in their mission.

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Donate a Car

Donating a car to our organization is a great way to directly help someone in need. Most of the cars donated to our cause will be repaired and then will be given to a recipient deemed fit by our selection board. Click the link below if you are interested in donating a car and receiving an income tax deduction.

Give a Cash Donation

A monetary donation helps Cars 4 Change to be more effective in ministry. If our ministry has cash on hand we can help more people and help them more effectively by paying for expensive parts and fluids. These donations also help us to keep our shop well stocked with tools and consumables that are necessary to be productive. If you would like to make a donation please make a donation to GFMC (with memo "Cars 4 Change") or make an online donation using the link below (be sure to select Cars 4 Change as the "Fund" you are donating to).


You could volunteer, helping cars for change by doing anything from changing oil, to cleaning windshields, to looking through applications. Our volunteers are the force that makes our ministry work. We highly encourage you to be involved in some way. All our volunteers are important to us: if you would like to volunteer please contact us using the link below.


Contact Us

If you want to help out in any way, wether it be volunteering, donating, or something else; please let us know by filling out this form.

(618) 664-2584

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