Mechanic Wrench

Cars 4 Change

A vehicle ministry in Bond County, IL


Temporary Hiatus

Cars 4 Change is temporarily taking a pause in the offering of their services. If you have small repairs you can still fill out the form but contact may be slow and we may not be able to make the repair. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.


Who we Are

Cars 4 Change is a ministry in the Bond County area that strives to assist people escaping poverty by providing them with safe reliable transportation. We do this both through repairing peoples existing vehicles and by providing new ones. We are optimistic about our potential impact both to the people who receive our vehicles as well as the people who God has enabled and called to repair them.


Our Mission

How we are trying to improve our community

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Providing People with Vehicles for Safe and Reliable Transportation

This ministry is helping people get out of poverty by providing them with vehicles at little to no cost so they can get better jobs, take their kids to school, and get to places like grocery stores and church.

Repairing Vehicles to keep People Safe and on the Road

Cars 4 Change also provides repair and maintenance services for people so they can have a safe and reliable automobile to get to work, school, church, and ultimately out of poverty.

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How to find your VIN number

A VIN number is a 17 digit combination of letters and numbers that is unique to your vehicle. Your VIN number is located in several places on your vehicle. You can find the VIN in the bottom corner of the drivers side windshield, inside the driver door jamb either on the door or the frame, and it can also be found on your registration and your insurance paperwork.